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How do you… Do

Week two of Whisky Day’s InWorldz Blogger Challenge and I’m here on top of the roof of a guest house at Pulse Skins, painting. It’s a glorious day, fluffy drifting clouds, and incredible views of the ocean. When I saw the easel there set up ready to paint, it called to me. And so here I am, hopefully not trespassing! It’s such a beautiful sim and has so many nooks and surprises just waiting around each corner for the intrepid shopper to discover. I hope you have a chance to go see and experience it for yourself.

So what is it you spend your time doing here InWorldz? Well, when I’m not exploring, and hanging out with friends, and shopping… my true love is to CREATE. That can mean many things for many people. For me, I love to make things, create a new garden landscape for my ever-changing home, build a shop, design clothes, put together a new look. Or we can take it to another level… a more emotional, ethereal realm and sometimes more lasting level.. in our quest to create new friendships, create mischief or havoc (I’ve been known to do both! They usually go hand in hand), or create lasting memories by sharing ourselves and our time with the people of InWorldz. There’s no wrong answer here, and only the immense diversity that is within us all, to reveal the canvas of our souls.
Speaking of create, I’m wearing a darling fluttery babydoll dress, Twig, created by little known designer, Jadelyn Mandrake of Botanique. When I tried on the dress I immediately felt myself whisked away on a summersoft breeze to a time of billowing curtains on afternoon verandahs, sipping lemonade, and indulging in the simple pleasures of life, like painting this lovely seascape.
Go explore. Dream. And make this world exactly as you want it to be… for we’ll all be so much more enriched and enlivened for it. A warm and thoughtful thank you to those that are brave enough to be completely, genuinely, true to themselves, and share their visions of expression here with us at InWorldz. You make the world a better place!
Style Credits
Dress – Twig Dress, Purple by Botanique
Hair – Sally, naturals by Emo-tions
Skin – Wheat, M5 by Pulse

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