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I attended a building class InWorldz at the Equinox at Dream e’Scapes sim and learned a lot of very useful tips! I highly recommend this series of classes, led via voice (Skype) for both novices as well as seasoned builders. Saera teaches in a very patient and inspiring style full of examples and hands-on experience.

There were more than a few “light bulb” moments for us, and we learned some things that will really make building things so much quicker and easier, such as optimal build option settings, building on the world grid, maneuvering and snap-aligning prims through the grid channel, and how to avoid the horrors of “prim flicker”.

Did you know that when two prims are overlapping and give that terrible graphic flickering, also known as “prim flicker”, that this is actually registering to the server as a prim “collision” which is contributing to lag. I had no idea! Sloppy building techniques can harm your business as well as your visitor’s experience by increasing lag and causing people to leave, so drop by the next Primspinner building class, learn a few things and find yourself immersed in a great class with some very classy people.

Another tip shared was something I wish I had known about years ago, and so simple to use. I’m sure most of you have used the Alt+click to focus in on an object and then use the camera controls to rotate around it. Well if you simply add one more key press and make that Ctrl+Alt+click and keep the mouse button pressed down while you move it, you then can freely rotate all around the object. This bit alone will save so much time for me, and was quite an eye opener.

For more info on upcoming building classes, join the Primspinner group InWorldz watch Saera’s blog. And if you would like to see an incredibly detailed example of her work, visit the Equinox Lodge and take a tour around. You’ll likely stumble into Saera, who is usually very happy to take new people around to see the sights.



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  1. It was great to have you there!

    November 22, 2010 at 12:38 pm

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