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I’ve been burning the midnight oil… to bring you a lovely new ballgown… “Whisper” now available at my main store .:[ Fashion Destiny ]:. on Big Blue Easy and at Equinox… just in time for the ball!  It comes in six lovely colors, and shown here is the classic Black and White, perfect for any formal event.

If you have not already heard, Equinox will be hosting the First Annual Equinox Winter Masquerade Ball.  Tonight is the night!  Thursday, December 30th at 7:30pm (IWZ Time).  Talia, Jack, and Saera have really made a spectactular ballroom experience and I am really looking forward to being there and sharing good times with you all.  Since it is a Masquerade, Black Tie/Gowns and Masks are suggested, but by no means required.

Hope to see you there!




I don’t know about you, but during these holiday events, a girl just can’t have too many gowns.  Well, at least I can’t anyway! That’s why I was so surprised to find the wonderful Bellariel gown on sale at Mer-Elf Creations today for only 100I’z!  

Hurry on down to Mer-Elf Creations if you want to get this gown at the sale price, but you only have until 1/1/10, after that it goes up to normal pricing.  Much like the last gown I shared with you, this is a lovely ensemble of reds and greens with golden embroidery and many different sleeve and skirt options to get the look you like best.  Morgaine Price is the creator of Mer-Elf Creations, and has shops at Big Blue Easy, and also at Equinox where there will be a grand First Annual Winter Masquerade Ball this Thursday, December 30th.
I hope to see you all there… and I’m excited to see what everyone will be wearing. 
Happy Shopping!

Style Credits:
Gown: Bellariel by Mer-Elf Creations
Skin: Ethereal by Paparazzi
Makeup:  Candy Mystique by Paparazzi
Hair: Juliet by Emo-tions (modified by me)

Christmas Maiden

Here am I… the Christmas Maiden
Holly wreathed and draped in finest velvet
Red and Green

Through my tresses the red berries shine
And around my waist a belt gathered so fine

No merrier maiden e’re there were
Of Christmas far… or
Christmas near

So have yourself a merry little Christmas
And may your days be full of light

In this lovely gown by Simply Fae
I bring to you tonight.


I can’t help but wax poetic in this simply fabulous gown by my dear friend Boaz of Simply Fae.  Her attention to detail is unsurpassed and you’ll delight in the prim attachments (of which I lost count) at head, shoulder, chest, and waist, all decked with the finest of holiday cheer in a most elegant fashion.

This gown comes in the deepest forest green or red, and as a bonus you can buy the set as a mix and match outfit, as I have done here.  If you are still looking for that stunning show-stopping gown for your next Holiday party… take a saunter, or fly on by Simply Fae on the lovely Big Blue Easy sim.

I’m also so thrilled by the gloriously glowing “Ethereal” skin by my very talented friend Talia Fournier of Paparazzi.  Shown here with the Candy Mystique makeup, it’s a near perfect match with this incredible gown.

I hope there is something here that brings your holiday that extra something this year and wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!


Style Credits:
Christmas Maiden Gown and Headwreath by Boaz of Simply Fae
Skin: Ethereal by Paparazzi at Equinox
Makeup:  Candy Mystique by Paparazzi
Hair:  Juliet by Emo-tions
Eyes:  Softest Sea by Glamour
Location:  Equinox on the Dream e’Scapes sim, InWorldz

All styles can be found in the virtual world of InWorldz

Star Night Star Bright

If you haven’t yet discovered the stunning Starnight gown from M!RMODE yet, you’re in for a real treat!  Starnight envelops you in delicate whisps of starry silk that whisper at your every move.

A truly elegant delight to wear, but hurry ladies!  This is the December Group Gift for M!RAMODE by Mira Karu and December is almost over.

Find your favorite M!RAMODE outlet, or visit her main store on the Isle of Anu, here.  Thank you Mira!


Wearing the Starnight gown by Mira Karu of M!RAMODE, InWorldz.
Hair: Charlie by Deviant Designs
Skin: Ethereal by Paparazzi 
Makeup: Candy Night Owl – Paparazzi
Shoes: Samara by Adam n Eve

All designs found in the virtual world of InWorldz

Fire and Ice

Dripping with fire and soothed by cooling ice, she found herself as if in a dream, wandering and drifting through the crisp wintery landscape of Equinox.  There among the refreshingly beautiful ice sculptures, she found her peace, her warmth, in the company of a heart full of friendship. 

I am wearing the ML Eldorado Gown, a Limited Edition design by the very talented Chigadee London of Couture Chapeau.

There are some things that warm us to the core no matter how chilly it is outside.

One of those things is something I am blessed to have found in so much abundance here in the virtual world of InWorldz. That wonderful, mysterious, and sometimes elusive thing called Friendship.
I want to express my heartfelt thanks to Chrystophur Silversmith, and Heart Smith for the friendship they share with me, and a huge thank you so much for the staggeringly beautiful Christmas gift surprise I woke to find this morning!  I Truly Love It! You warm my heart and my very soul with your kindness!
~May you all find the joy of light and the spirit of friendship this Christmas Season~
Love and Kisses,
Style Credits:
Gown: ML Eldorado Gown – Limited Edition from Couture Chapeau by Chigadee London
Jewelry: April gold necklace and earrings – by ~TMD~ Tastefully Made Designs
Ice Sculpture: On display for contest at Equinox, by Artfox Daviau
Location: Equinox Resort on Dream e’Scapes sim in InWorldz
Hair: Charlie by Deviant Designs
Skin: Pulse
Eyes: Glamour
Poses: AAA Poses
All styles found in the virtual world of InWorldz

A Shiny Solstice from ~TMD~

Upon logging in to InWorldz, I typically will scroll through all my group announcements and see what’s new out on the grid and where I can go explore.  This time, my eye was caught by an announcement from ~TMD~ Tastefully Made Designs.

Not only do they provide a gorgeous shopping experience in a large elegant shop floating high above Kismet, but there are some lovely new shiny jewels for you to enjoy, necklaces, sets, crowns, rings and wedding bands, as well as intricately carved medieval and renaissance style furniture.

While browsing the shop, Chas Dezno, the lovely designer of the jewelry, invited me to the ~TMD~ group for updates, and also let me know that the main Kismet sim that their shop floats above at 2000 meters would be opening in about a month.  I snuck down below to peek around and saw a few beautiful buildings in progress, a fairytale perfect cottage, a castle, and the most royal four poster bed with beautiful brocade coverlets.  I made a mental note to go back there when they finally open!

Chaz also announced that today for Solstice, they have discounted the Fae jewelry sets to half price!

There are some lovely colors to choose from, but I am showing off the Cerise which caught my eye and had to go home with me.  Also there, I fell in love with the “April” necklace which Chas will be making earrings to match very soon.

I hope you’re able to go see this wonderful new shop!

Love and sparklies,


Style Notes
All Jewelry by ~TMD~ Tastefully Made Designs, located on the Kismet sim InWorldz
Dress: Saturnalia Red – by Aria’s Dream
Skin: Wheat M5 by Pulse
Hair: Juliette by Emo-tions
Location: ~TMD~ Tastefully Made Designs on Kismet.

In the Zone

Stay in the fashion zone with new ZONE Yoga Pants for Men and Women, now at Fashion Destiny. 

The ZONE Yoga pants feature sculpted legs in two sizes, and your choice of either with or without the OM decal included. 

We have 5 rich colors for you now available at our main store on Big Blue Easy and also at Equinox Village on the Dream e’scapes sim, located in the virtual world of InWorldz.

Hope you Enjoy!

Boudica .:[FD Designer]:. – Fashion Destiny – Your Fashion Destination