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Eyes For You and the Whiskey Challenge #4

As part of the Whiskey Challenge #4 we were asked what advice we would give to a new InWorldz blogger.  Where to begin!  I guess one of the most important things I think, without sounding trite I hope, is “Be Yourself”.  When you think of it, a Blog is just a “Web Log” and really doesn’t have to have any particular guidelines at all.  Just write what you want, share things you have an interest in, follow a theme if you feel like it.  I usually tie all my writings into Fashion, whether by sharing what skin, hair, eyes, clothes I’m wearing, or whatnot.  You can write short witty remarks, if you’re short and witty *wink*, or long prolific insightful posts, if that’s the way you like to express yourself.  Or, you could write not one single word and only post pictures.

We’ve all got something to share, something to express, or just want to focus on helping people out by writing about your experiences and things you’ve found along the way, whether in our real daily lives or virtual (which is really the same thing, if you really think about it).  Some people write, as a kind of journal to get things off their chest.  Others write to inspire,  or to teach.

Me, well I’m not witty, prolific, or particularly inspiring, but I do like to share, in hopes that something I’ve come across may be helpful to someone else.

As an example, a few friends and I were standing around the Community Giving Tree at the Lodge at Equinox on the Dream e’Scapes sim in InWorldz.  We chatted about all kinds of things, and had a few new friends on a tour with us that were new to InWorldz.  One friend was lamenting the selection of eyes and wanted desperately to find some nice blue eyes that “don’t make me look like a werewolf”.  Sooo…. I wondered what that meant, and thought, it could be the kind of eyes that are all bloodshot for that more “realistic” look.  Also, some of the eyes out there have very dark shading that make them look sunken and sickly.  Well you can’t always tell with eyes that you see in the ads, because once your avatar is wearing them and your AO kicks in, you may hold your head and move your eyes in ways that are not the most flattering for that kind of eye.

So, I decided to go out and take a look at what kinds of eyes were out there in InWorldz, and maybe help my friend along the way.  While searching, it struck me how very many different shades of the color blue are out there.  Some are more greenish blue, some grey, some hints of purple, some pale, some intense, some with more realistic highlights, some with a more cartoon or anime look.  Here’s a few that I found, and I hope there’s something here you might enjoy.

Glamour – Blue Eyes

Glamour – Diamond Blue Eyes


Nephilim – occhio-blu eyes (Eyes – Occhi – Free)
Nephilim -Cyan chiari eyes (Eyes – Occhi – Free)
Nephilim – Occhi Cyan eyes – Free
Eyes by Snow– Colour Eyes II (Ocean) 
Pulse – Cole #1 
Hey, do these eyes make my nose look big?  Hoping for the non-werewolf winner…. which do you like?  Maybe I should have shaved first….

Are there any other blue eyes out there that you just love?  I’d love to hear about them so, start a blog and let us all know!  Thanks for sharing the love ❤

Oh, before I forget, the other part of the Whiskey Challenge was to dig in your InWorldz inventory and find the oldest pic you took… so here’s mine.  Look out world!  Hahahaha  Swamp Thang!

“See” you next time….



3 responses

  1. Wow those are all beautiful! I went and did some eye shopping myself and I understand what you're talking about. Some eyes make you look like you're dying when you look down because they roll in the back of your head. LOL! I wonder why that is?

    December 9, 2010 at 8:37 pm

  2. the freedom of speech/writing is a great thing but not all over the world, so we are happy to be in the free-zone 🙂 nice post !
    I keep an 'eye' on it 🙂

    December 10, 2010 at 3:45 pm

  3. @Talia Thanks!! I think eye makers should really test their eyes out with different AO's on and not just standing stationary. Really makes some odd effects sometimes! *lol*

    @Mira Totally! It really is something to be thankful for and I'm so glad we're in the free zone. Thanks so much!

    December 11, 2010 at 12:25 am

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