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I spent the last few days on the other side of the icy cold Sierra mountains, without a computer, so today after recovering from the harrowing slippery drive back, I have been catching up on what has been happening in InWorldz while I was gone. It’s Wednesday and the last day to post something for the 5th Whiskey Challenge, so after reading some great posts from other InWorldz bloggers, I’m trying to think of something to share that hasn’t already been said.

Week Five Challenge:  Since 2011 is mere moments away, it’s  natural to look back at last year and look forward to next. For our challenge, let’s do both. Choose your favorite post ofanother InWorldz blogger and post a link at your blog. Then post 5 (or more) predictions for InWorldz. The rules are yours to make- just have fun writing!

Predictions never really were my strong point.  I’m a “roll with it” kind of gal, so I don’t usually hold out for wishing things were a certain way, or trying to guess where we’ll go.  Part of that is the delight I have in watching our world of InWorldz evolve.  Watching new worlds, new cities, new malls, and forests and fantastical visions of people’s creations come to life.  It’s just Magical!

Of course, with any new virtual world, there are people and places that come and go, often slipping silently into the night, before we even realize they are gone.  One of the early places I blogged about, the City of Nephilim, is sadly one of these places that has just disappeared into thin air.  Another, is a truly profound and beautiful person named Ayla Holt, who has inspired and shared so much with the people of InWorldz.  She will be deeply missed by many.

When I joined InWorldz, I thought, ok this will be fun.  I can start over fresh, make a new “me”, explore and meet some new people and just see where it goes.  Little did I know that joining InWorldz would be a catalyst to launching some of my own hidden dreams into reality.  It all started with a blog post by Whiskey Day that I had read about on the InWorldz Forums.  Little did she know how much her post would inspire the people of InWorldz!  If you haven’t been watching and reading the new blogs and bloggers, you’re missing out.  Take a look at the blog rolls on the side column of your favorite bloggers, and see what’s happening in this big beautiful world of ours.

I had been reading Whiskey’s blog and a few of the other InWorldz blogger pioneers for awhile, mostly learning about new places to explore, and of course new fashion to go buy and enjoy!  She was (and is) one of my favorite bloggers and I always admired her incredible style, witty personality, and her innate ability to inspire people.

After reading her very first InWorldz blogger challenge, I launched into action.  I dug up the dregs of my old fashion blogging fantasy that I had buried long ago when SL had lost the spark for me, and re-invented it.  I created a brand new blog, with the first post being my response to the Whiskey Challenge.  Next thing, I’m caught up in a whirlwind of meeting people and going places, and fabulous parties, and before I knew it, I was creating new fashions of my own and opening a shop at Equinox by Thanksgiving, only a few weeks after that first post.

All in all, it’s been a huge success, and a journey that I am incredibly thankful for.  Which brings me to the next part of the Whiskey Challenge and my 5 predictions for the future in InWorldz.

1.  THE END OF BETA – Here’s where I pile in all the technical guesses like, a more stable platform (It’s already better than SL in my experience!), Mesh, Physics, Voice.  But these anyone can guess and have already expounded upon before.

2.   FASHION HISTORY – The Fashion World of InWorldz will really take off, with never heard before new designers coming out of the woodwork and drawing the gaze and appreciation of people from all around.  It will be a time of a great Renaissance in virtual fashion, with all eyes turning to the InWorldz stage.  While I wander through the shops of InWorldz I see some of the “big names” that came over from “other grids”, but more and more I am continually floored by the sheer talent that our local InWorldz designers have.

3.  200,000 RESIDENTS with 1000 online at a time.  We’re already growing exponentially.  When I joined there were something like 5000 users and at any one time, usually 25 people were online.  Today we have about 27,000 users and about 140 online.  Going up!

4. 2000 TOTAL REGIONS, and counting!  Last I heard we were at about 750 regions already, and growing!  Hey Lucy… we have some s’plorin to do!

5.  TRUTH Hair – Truth Hair will come to InWorldz!  Ok, OK!  This one is sheer fantasy on my part and not based in any kind of fact at all, just wishful thinking!  I can dream right?!  Alright I know I said I don’t hold out for wishing things were a certain way, but pretty, Pretty Please?!

5.   WORLD PEACE – Here’s where I get to sound like some kind of cheesy Miss Universe contestant.  That’s right!  We’re actually all going to figure out how to get along. And puppy dogs for everyone!  Well okay, those of us already InWorldz already know how to get along, but it’s our job to help the newcomers realize that this just isn’t like the “other grids”.  It’s kind of fun sitting back and watching the frantic frenetic energy around some of the new arrivals as they rush to get pretty and figure out the pecking order, only to realize there isn’t one, and that they can completely relax and be themselves.  InWorldz Peace – It’s a beautiful thing!

Our time here in this virtual world, is a blink of brilliance, a shooting star that streaks silently across the sky, amazing in it’s complexity, and yet so profound in it’s simplicity.  We may never pass this way again, so make the most of it!

Shine on!


5 responses

  1. Awwwww. sniff sniff. I don't remember InWorldz before you wandered in to Equinox. It's like you've always been there. Great post, and happy new year!! xoxox

    January 5, 2011 at 7:19 pm

  2. X

    Your thoughtful comments and predictions show why you were my pick for favorite blog of 2010!!! All the best in 2011!!!

    January 5, 2011 at 8:09 pm

  3. Wow thank you! I'm basking in the glow of your warm fuzzies… xoxoxo!

    January 5, 2011 at 11:28 pm

  4. You are one of the sparkling stars at Inworldz and shine on a lot of people 🙂
    nice post !

    January 7, 2011 at 12:42 pm

  5. Awwww thank you Mira! I'm just a small little light next to your stunning brilliance!

    January 7, 2011 at 6:04 pm

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