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Feeling Sassy!

There’s a great new pose shop in InWorldz called Posture Perfect that I’m just thrilled to share with you. Lydia Cremorne is the very talented creator of some fabulous poses that I hope you’ll enjoy.  Drop by her shop to try them out.  She has a great selection of freebie poses as well.

I’ve been meaning to blog a few great items that I won at the Fashion Show at Paisean Faisean. Really, I had the hardest time getting anything to rez at the show, so I didn’t get any good photos to blog about while there, but it was a great time getting to know some new people, and just being there to support all the hard-working designers that came together to put on the show.

As a fun little interlude, they held a Trivia contest and as prizes gave out some incredible gifts to the winners.  I got 4 questions correct and won some great new outfits!  I also won a 50 I’z gift certificate to Mer-Elf Creations.  Fun!

Here I am wearing the abso-freakin-adorable outfits by Sassy!  Up first is the Cutest Little Sweater, yes that’s the name, I’m not making this up.  Pairing the Cutest Little Sweater in grey with the 2-tier sculpted skirt in pink.  What a beautiful job she did on both the sculpts and the belt textures!  There is a cute little white lace  layer that moves while you dance.  Just love that!

Same outfit, but black for the sweater and brick red for the skirt.  And then for a sizzling hot black bikini with the sheer tank option and stockings, the Wet n Wild set also from Sassy!

Also wanted to share with you the super-cute Venice Skinny Jeans and limited edition tattooed Chux, a group gift from Stellar. Worn here with the Sally Hair from Emotions, and the Cutest Little Sweater from Sassy! I feel like I should be riding a skateboard along Venice Beach.

It’s not always what you wear on the outside, but the skin and poses that create the foundation for a great look.  Here, I’m wearing the ever dazzling Ethereal skin in Latte by Talia Fournier of Paparazzi and all poses are by Posture Perfect, now InWorldz.

I hope there’s something here you like… happy shopping!

Style Credits:
All Poses by Posture Perfect
Skin: Ethereal by Paparazzi
Hair: Heather and Sally by Emo-tions
Shoes: Heels by Adam n Eve, Chux by Stellar!
Outfits 1,2,3 by Sassy!:  Cutest Little Sweater, 2-tier skirt, Wet n Wild set.
Jeans: Venice skinny jeans by Stellar.


2 responses

  1. OOPS my mistake! The Venice Skinny Jeans are NOT a group gift from Stellar. I forgot I bought them while I was there last time… it's so hard not to buy something when I go there. I love Stellar!

    January 27, 2011 at 10:55 pm

  2. WOW you look amazing in these shots! Love that skirt- how'd I miss it? is it at the Sassy mainstore?

    January 28, 2011 at 4:37 pm

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