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My Sweetheart – Tesoromio

There’s a sweet new clothing store in InWorldz called Tesoromio, which means “my sweetheart”.  And sweet it is, and so is the designer, Nirmanakaya Yalin. 

Visit her shop Tesoromio on the Capricorn sim and find this darling Blue Lace dress, right next to the group joiner board.  It has an optional short sleeved lace jacket, or you can wear it without.

There is also an adorable pair of pajamas for both men and women as the Valentine’s gift there, but unfortunately my viewer was acting up and I was not able to get a photo for you.

While browsing the shop, I found a few more great things to take exploring to Equinox.  This flirty flowery dress just had to be mine.  So springy, and I love the little sweater.  Great for the transition to spring, when it’s still a bit chilly out.

 Did you know the snow has all melted, the ice is no more.. and spring is coming.  Bit by lovely bit, the flowers are blooming.  There are cuddles and hugs tucked here and there to enjoy with your sweetheart.  I hope you go see Equinox as it transitions through the seasons.  It’s a magical place!

Another outfit, I’m pairing the purple capris with the violet hoodie pullover.  Ok not all the snow has melted.  If you’re wandering up in the hills there you might want a sweater!

 Her Crosstop shirt and bra/panty set is delightful, and you can see here a bit more of the detailing on the capris. 

I apologize for the fuzzy images.  This makeshift computer of mine was stuggling a bit today.  But I wanted to let you know about this fun new shop and hope you’re able to go visit and see the rest.

Have a lovely day!

Style Credits
All Clothing:  Tesoromio
Ethereal Latte skin by Paparazzi
Heather hair by Emo-Tions
Poses by Posture Perfect
Location: Equinox


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  1. So cute! Shopping trip!!!

    February 12, 2011 at 3:25 am

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