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Wish Come True!

It’s been a few months waiting patiently for the talented and very busy Ophelia Rose of Wish Hair to open her doors.  The wait was worth it!  In that time, she built an incredible new mainstore on Harvest Moon and a gorgeous flowery meadow surrounded by all kinds of wonderful shops to explore.

The crowds started flocking to Wish when word about the Grand Opening went grid wide.

I fell through the floor but didn’t let that stop me from my shopping frenzy.  I quickly made my way to the “Haylee” hair and faster than lightning hit the buy button for the Reds pack. Mine!!

I really love the hair dye bottle the hair comes packed in, and the supercute animation it has when you wear it to unpack.  Careful though… don’t get it in your eyes!  Oh, and note to self, try not to pour your champagne down your back next time.

Don’t let bad hair days get you down.  Hurry over to Wish and make a wish come true.  Viola!  Gorgeous lustrous shiny new locks, made with “locks of love” from the talented Ophelia Rose.  Thank you Ophelia!



2 responses

  1. Thank YOU Boudie for that lovely post, I'm smiling so much my mouth hurts LOLOL
    I'm surprised after all that dancing you had the energy to climb onto my roof! Impressive! xD

    March 21, 2011 at 4:00 am

  2. Oh Ophelia ❤ Hugs!! You did such a fabulous job and are so multi-talented, I'm impressed! Oh the roof... yeah. LOL! Mermet had already snagged the prime desk space, and then I wanted to be next to your logo in the foyer for the pic, but I kept falling through the floor (as I usually do when it's so crowded). But the roof was holding well so I figured, eh what the heck, and took it up there. LOVE my new Haylee hair!

    March 22, 2011 at 1:30 pm

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