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And… we have video!

Novice clothing designer and hair-dresser turned movie maker!  Yeah, can we say distracted?  Alright, so I’ve been wanting to learn how to do a video for awhile now and when I came across a post by Kate Fiorell and asked how she did the video, she turned me on to CamStudio.  Thanks Kate!

Here is my very first attempt at video screen capture, using the freebie CamStudio 2.0 program, also my first attempt at putting a video on YouTube.  Hey what can I say, I’m trending with firsts!

Please forgive the video quality.  I had my graphic settings on ultra with Sailor’s Delight windlight pre-set.  My movement is clumsy and jerky, but this is to give an idea of an Orientation trail I’ve created in the 3D virtual world of KoD on Reaction Grid and also to flex my tiny new video-making muscles.

The video starts out at the welcome landing point near the arena for Kingdom of DeMolay, and I did not build any of that, or the great teleport topo-map. My part starts through the archway… I went a little wild having fun with landscaping and really think it helps bring a lot of realism to the scene. Nothing fancy here, and no music. Just a walk through the progress of my project and a couple sights along the way while I figure out how this video stuff works.

Boudica 🙂


Let’s not forget the fashion, eh?


Blossome Gown by Aria’s Dream

Tayme Hair by Destiny Hair

Landscaping by moi – with BEAUTIFUL trees plants and flowers from Marmottina Taurog of Green & Wild Garden Centre (Inworldz)