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Come Dream With Me…

I was setting up my shop in the New Equinox Village last week, when in comes this lovely lady, Cracker Taggart, dressed in a lovely dress and woolen knit leggings and gloves.  I complimented her on her lovely gloves and leggings, and she gave me a set!  After I found out she made them, and was also making the beautiful flowing dress she was wearing, I asked her if she had a shop.  And she said, No….

Well the rest of the evening we’re animatedly talking about this that and the other thing and finding out she’s an amazing builder with a massive inventory of things, when I finally convince her into renting a shop at Equinox.  So!  Be on the lookout for the new “TIO” shop at Equinox 2, where you can currently find some beautiful clothes and dresses in her “Sassie Scot” line.  Here she is, moments after getting the keys from our wonderful Equinox landlord, Taika Wirsling.  Look at that beautiful dress she’s wearing!  I don’t know when it will be done, but I for one will be watching this shop closely.  More is being added as she is able to work on taking photos and boxing them up, so do take a trip over to TIO on Equinox 2 in InWorldz to look around and grab her Landmark for return visits.

I waited with anticipation to see what lovely things would begin appearing in her shop, and went a bit wild with my friend Leanna shopping there.  Here are a few things I wanted to share with you.  I am wearing these at the Dreamz and Visionz Art Festival which is going on right now in InWorldz.  I hope you’re able to go take a look.  Many other people have blogged and written about this place, but it’s something you just have to see and experience for yourself to really get the full impact.  InWorldz is home to many talented artists!

This first dress is a lovely white chemise with two skirt options.  I’m wearing the longer version here, but there is a cute and flirty… sassy you might even say… shorter version that comes with it.

Next is the Leather Corset with Silk Plaid Skirt, and I really love this one! Taken in a few locations around the InWorldz Dreamz and Visionz Art Exhibit. I just couldn’t choose which I liked better, so you get both!

Another fun outfit I had to have was the Black Slinky Jacket with Green Leather Skirt. I can picture dancing the night away in a pub somwehere in Northern Scotland… I do believe the mermaids standing behind me are a wee bit jealous!

This next ensemble is something I call my Sassy Scot Mixemup. While jumbling through my closet and trying things on, I managed to layer my way into a combination of pieces from various outfits. And I like the result! Yeah, not saying I have good taste, but there’s something fun about the way I feel in this look. Wearing the Slinky Black Jacket over the Purple Tafetta Dress, with knit leggings and gloves, and the black pigskin boots by POSH Shoes.

Slipping out of all those layers, I slid into the silky smooth Green Gilly Dress, also by TIO. Cracker Taggart is fast becoming one of my favorite new InWorldz designers! I feel like springtime, fluttering and skipping lithely along. Oh look! A mother bird and her nest of babies! *squee moment!*

Now, before we go, there’s one other amazing designer that has been working her heart out, honing her craft, to bring you some very beautiful jewelry. I’d like to introduce you to my dear friend Kate Fiorell of K Fiorell Designs. The first set I would like to highlight is the Flora earrings and necklace set in Pearl and Gold. Also photographed on location at the InWorldz Dreamz and Visionz Event.

And here, the incredible Mystic dangle hoop earrings in Gold. I love the detail on these!

You can find her shop, K Fiorell Designs at the Vodka Sim. Another one to watch, and I hope you’re able to go visit her and enjoy her beautiful jewelry!

So Ladies, I don’t know what you’re waiting for, but there’s shopping to be done! Please go see the shops of these two wonderful creators, help support their art to keep these great designs coming, and tell them Boudica sent you!

Boudi Loves You!

Style Credits:
All Clothing by TIO – Cracker Taggart aka The Sassie Scot
Sassie Scot Purple Tafetta Dress
Chemise with 2 Skirts
Gilly Green Dress with Shoulder Drape
Leather Corset with Silk Plaid Skirt
Black Slinky Jacket with Green Leather Skirt
FairIsle Leggings and Gloves (coming soon!)

All Jewelry by Kate Fiorell – K Fiorell Designs
Flora Set in Pearl and Gold
Mystic Earrings

Also Wearing:
Sandals: Jeweled Sandals by Coriander
Boots: Pigskin Boots by POSH
Skin: Tomorrow by Pulse
Eyes: Shine by Eye Candi
Hair: Tayme in Mahogany by Destiny Hair (Me! Visit my shop on Big Blue Easy in InWorldz)


Before I Rust Away…

I’m up again late tonight to bring a few more items out for the charity event at La Ville Macabre, running October 15th to November 1st in InWorldz.

Here are the Bren sweater for Men and the Brew sweater for Ladies… in an exclusive recolor only to be found at this event!

Once the event is over, they’re GONE so grab them now while you can.

Visit the Chrysallis sim in InWorldz to find them and cozy up to a new sweater this fall!  100% proceeds benefit the Virtual Helping Hands charity.

Visit Leanna Caerndow’s site for more info about this event.



A Tangled Web

Oh what a tangled web we weave…

Boudica Destiny here, after a bit of a vacation from blogging while working on some other projects.  When Leanna Caerndow told me about the La Ville Macabre charity event to be held in InWorldz I was excited to be able to participate and create something new for a good cause.  Here is my offering… I hope you enjoy it!

You can find the Tangled Web dress at the La Ville Macabre Interactive Haunted Village on the Chryssalis sim, located in InWorldz.  The event runs from October 15th to November 1st and is really something you don’t want to miss.

Some incredibly talented people came together to build this sim, provide wonderful things to buy, and put together a great line-up of nightly events for you. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, and all proceeds from purchases made at the sim will go 100% to charity to benefit Virtual Helping Hands.  Please visit Leanna Caerndow’s site for more information, and visit La Ville Macabre this Halloween season… while it lasts!

The Tangled Web Dress will only be available at La Ville Macabre until the event  is over, with all proceeds going to charity.  Afterwards, I’ll be adding it to my main Fashion Destiny shop on the Big Blue Easy sim in InWorldz, but please, come on out between October 15th and November 1st and help support a very worthy cause.



Style Credits:

Tangled Web Dress by .:[Fashion Destiny]:.
Tayme Hair in Raven by Destiny Hair
Trinity Skin – Paper by Redgrave
Rawal Shoes by Deviant Designs
Briar Rose Necklace by Evie’s Closet
Bluish Green Shine v2 eyes by Eye Candi

All items found in the virtual world of InWorldz

Best of InWorldz – Big Blue Easy

I admit it. I’ve been languishing, adrift in the sea of virtual worlds, until I happened upon a blog by Whiskey Day outlining a new InWorldz Blogger Challenge. *Gasp!* /me thinks! I used to love blogging and while I still stumble through the mind-boggling amount of SL blogs, mainly to keep up on fashion, I have been remiss in my own blogging, with my last post being somewhere around January. Not sure if I am even allowed to call myself a “Blogger” with such infrequent posts, so I figure I’ll saddle up again and start over. New Blog. New Virtual World.

This blog will be a catalog of events and discoveries in a rapidly growing virtual world called InWorldz. The people, the fashion, the beautiful and creative places to explore, create, have fun or just relax.

So here it goes with my very first Blogger’s Challenge … InWorldz Best! As my choice in “BEST OF INWORLDZ” I choose to post about a Sim called Big Blue Easy. It’s Big. It’s Beautiful. And it’s way Easy to find all kinds of things you’ll just love! It’s a gorgeous shopping sim, beautifully landscaped, and chock full of some incredible talented designers. Shapes by Heavenly Bodies, Skins at Mirror Mirror, Jewelry Shoes and Accessories at Earthstones, gorgeous gowns at Simply Fae, Evie’s Closet, and Mer-Elf Creations. More modern fashionable attire can be found at FakE, Botanique, Moon Dance Designs and Pixel This.

Oh and eventually I’ll get my own store going there as well, but so far I’ve just been renting a big empty building there for a few months full of nothing but dreams while I wrestle my RL into letting me have more time to create. I’ve made a pair of hand drawn jeans so far, but they’re not in the store yet, that would be just too lonely.

So today we’re going to showcase a gorgeous corset top I found at Pixel This! It’s a luscious deep Hot Pink corset and is called “Zipped”. You can see the display on the wall behind me and it sells for only 199 I’z. The shade went so well with the jeans I made, I just couldn’t pass it up. The back of the corset is a sexy laced up back, with the alluring and teasing zipper in the front. So playful and yet very adaptable. Wear it as a swimsuit.. or top your favorite jeans or skirt with it. Visit Pixel This to grab your own, and follow the boardwalk through the swamp to find these other great designers. Happy shopping!
Pixel This – Modern fashion
Mirror Mirror – Skins
Moon Dance Designs – Modern fashion
Simply Fae – Gowns, Fae and Fairy clothes
Evie’s Closet – Gowns
S&R Garden Center – Landscaping
Mer-Elf Creations – Gowns
Heavenly Bodies – Shapes
Botanique – Modern fashion
Earthstones – Jewelry, Shoes, Accessories
FakE – Modern fashion
Style Credits:
Top/Corset – Zippered, Hot Pink by Pixel This
Hair – Luxi, Rose by Deviant Designs
Skin – Wheat/M5 by Pulse
Jeans – Um.. made by me (not found in stores… yet anyway!)